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Natstar proves his worth of magnificent new album “The Code”

Natstar has been a fast rising musical figure over the last number of years. The multi talented artist is a songwriter, producer and musician. Also headlining various live shows and tours, the artist has an established and growing fanbase on a global scale.

His latest full length project release entitled “The Code” is a twenty one track album, displaying the artists signature style and skills. His versatile flow being showcased well on the album, on uptempo trap intensified hits blended with more sombre and reflective 808 heavy numbers.

Another highlight of the album is the sleek and high level of production that could match up and compete with the best rap greats in the current industry. Natstar has proven that he is not only consistent with his new projects but also getting better and better, each and every time. Fans and listers will no doubt be impressed by what this new album brings and it will surely be a favoured highlight in the artists vast discovery.



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