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Musical Maverick JoeJas returns with new single LAX

JoeJas is back with his stunning new single “LAX,” the song is a true testament to his musical versatility and creativity. A multi-talented artist, JoeJas raps, produces, and directs his music videos all by himself. In the world of music, where most artists tend to specialise in a particular area, JoeJas is a true maverick, wearing multiple creative hats with ease.

The song “LAX” is a perfect example of Joes clever songwriting and articulate bars. It showcases his ever-growing musical development and maturity. Although not strictly a Hip Hop track, “LAX” incorporates elements of various genres, setting the song apart from pretty much anything else out there right now.

The song also utilises throwback elements with shades of the 2000's hitmakers The Neptunes.

JoeJas is known for his catchy melodies and highly expressive videos that offer colorful elements of humor and classic Joe Jas charisma. The music video for “LAX” is no exception. As always the video is hugely impressive and versatile with visuals that are creative and truly compelling. Apart from his musical talents, Joe is also an events promoter, having started his own line of events under his brand ‘Fat Llama’ in 2016. These events bring together artists from different genres and backgrounds, showcasing new and exciting sounds to audiences in London.

Joe's vision for ‘Fat Llama’ was to create a space where people who were considered ‘weird’ could meet and explore new sounds that they were not usually exposed to. In a way, this reflects JoeJas's own journey as an artist who has always been unafraid to explore new musical territories and push the boundaries of what is expected.

Joe is breaking the industry mold on his own terms, in his own way, and he continues to impress with his numerous projects and musical releases. He is one of the few artists who genuinely stands out for his creative genius and his ability to wear multiple hats with ease.

As JoeJas continues to expand across the live performance space, it will be exciting to see what he has in store for his fans. One thing is for sure, though: Joe Jas’s music will always be a true reflection of his unique perspective and his incredible talent.





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