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MTGT drop mysterious new visual hit “Seasons"

Updated: May 22, 2022

MTGT are a three piece band that we have previously covered, mesmerising listeners with their unique and original music. The band from Morocco combine elements of Rap, Hip Hop, R&B offering a mixed genre bag of music.

Their latest release comes in the form of a solo offering from band member Don Wi entitled “Seasons”, the record is easily one the bands most experimental releases to date, the song distinctly holds a sombre backdrop of reflective tones and lyricism. Alight with signature vocals from start to finish. Accompanied by a colourful florescent visual, which is an abundance of creative expression and brave experimentation.

The wash of blue light and snappy cut visuals add an additional layer of mystery and allure fans in to a glimpse of something that is clearly a little different from the artists previous entries. From a production standpoint the song takes a more acoustic and natural route, highlighting a firm focus on the vocals.

The vocals themselves are filled with various harmonic structures throughout, the band clearly wanted prove to their growing fanbase that Don Wi and the band are not just a Hip Hop band but a versatile group of artists that have the ability to create songs that are outside the box in terms of their creativity.

After the success of their previous body of work “Emotions” MTGT clearly have no plans of slowing down any time soon, with yet another classic hit growing fans and listeners await with eager anticipation for what’s in store next.





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