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MTGT are back with high octane EP “Emotions”

Moroccan M-Pop group MTGT are back with a brand new EP. The band who were formed in 2018 brings an array of genre influences and tones with their music. Showcasing elements of Hip Hop, Trap and R&B, their latest album is an impressive showcase of the bands musical versatility.

Their latest EP entitled “Emotions” is a six track project that starts things with intensity the project opener “Fly Me Away” is a trap infused beat that sets the tone and provides a backdrop to the project. Follow up “Live Like A King” is a song that displays bags of confidence and highlights the bands natural charisma. They work in unison perfectly each using their own specific talents to bring out they're A game on the album. Midway track “World” takes things down a level for a more mellow approach, it makes for a refreshing change in pace. As the EP reached it’s closing section the band keep things uptempo with catchy melodies and choruses that contain bags of repeat value.

Considering MTGT has only been on their musical journey for a few years their musical maturity and consistency of releases is a real credit to not only their artistry but their appeal. With a number of exciting new projects lined up for this year, things do not look to be slowing down anytime soon, with their growing fanbase ever present, listeners continue to follow this fast rising new band.








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D - Sky
D - Sky
04 апр. 2022 г.

Literally the EP that I was anticipating the most, and I can't believe that this site wrote about it, respect for having such a broad view on music across the world

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