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Mr. Dragonfly dazzles on new album "Soul Shaker"

The artist who was born in Benton Harbour, Michigan has always had the musical genes. Both his mother and farther being talented musicians in their own right, a gospel singer and an organist. With early inspiration such as the legendary Earth Wind and Fire as well as James Brown and Dr Dre. Those early inspirations are clearly prevalent in the artists music today.

Already releasing a catalogue with an impressive six albums the artist has no intention of slowing down. With his new album "Soul Shaker" being a twenty five song full LP showcasing an unprecedented display of genre versatility and true musicianship.

The first song "We Like It" is a fun dance hit, Mr. Dragonfly uses his motivating and slick flow to create an engaging and enthralling opener. Following up with the absolute groove giant "We unite"that is a stunning 70's disco throwback, smooth background vocals canvass the track along with some amazing acoustic and electric guitar work reminiscent of the late and legendary Prince.

"Sun set" is also an impeccably mesmerising track, the violin score feels like something straight out of a James Bond theme. Impressively the progression moves into a chill out ambient classic. With gentle drums and background vocals, along with soft keys and violins in the outro.

"I Got Skills" brings us straight back to the dance floor with feel good vibes all around, Mr. Dragonfly starts early with the delivery of a short rap sequence before expanding into the bulk of the track. "Dirty Wet" is also an uptempo jingle frantic abundant track of various melodic arrangements. Mid point track "Jamaica island" also offers a well placed interlude esqe break with some funky reggae tones. "Night time air" is frankly a straight up Cafe Del Mar gem that would fit well into any chillout playlist out there, the album concludes with a thunderous closing number "Unfathomable" the final track being epic in every sense of the word.

Overall an impressive body of work that showcases the artists level of high level musicianship and skill. Be sure to listen to the album here:


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