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MP and Drew Pacheco drop enticing new single “Wires”

One artist we have had the pleasure of covering over the past number of years is New Mexico’s own MP who has been mesmerising listeners consistently with his varied display of distinct Hip Hop records.

His latest release entitled “Wires” features Drew Pacheco who lays down the hook and is a rollercoaster display of articulate and elite musicianship. Backed by wavey and mellow production, the song is a refreshing entry without the common commercial trends of overused 808’s and bass heavy foundations.

The song sticks to simplicity and perfects this effortlessly. It makes the vocals sound even more impressive letting them shine as one of the main highlights of the track. Lyrically the song speaks of relatable themes and showcases the artists confidence another solid lyrical demonstration by MP. The song makes a classic night time drive track, atmospheric, ambient and mysterious, the song ticks all the boxes for a modern classic. Filtering through tones of R&B, Trap and Hip Hop genres. Overall a solid and enticing new song from MP and the accompanying artists. MP looks to continue with his current momentum with the release of his upcoming “White Sands EP”


MP: @TianMP

Drew Pacheco: @Pacheco575

Marc Andre: @Marcusshizzle


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