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"More then Meets The Eye" is the new single by Bill Abernathy

The Kansas city native, began his music journey in his teens. Playing through school but then life took over and unfortunately music had to take a back seat for a significant period of time.

But in the years that followed Bill reignited his love for music, picking up the guitar and finding his love again for creating new and wonderful new music.

His inspiration coming from his family, personal experiences and people he has met along the path of life. His latest album reaching the top 5 on the Root traditional Folk album chart with his single "Goodbye never come again"reaching number one on the singles chart. Along with garnering support from various media outlets and publications.

Bill has also been putting in time on the road touring across various states showcasing his vast collection of musical talents with the world with his "Living the dream solo tour"

Back with his amazing new single, the artist takes the listener through a sonic journey of country tones and instrumental awe. Shimmering guitar solo's cover the entirety of the song adding a resounding intensity to the song. Bill's graspy but heartfelt vocals add a unique warmth and signature style to the track. It's easy to see why so many people have taken to his work. The personal narratives displayed along with the organic approach he takes to his music is what makes his music so great. The song explores the current devisions in our world and society, taking a deeper exploration at what really goes on behind closed doors of the elites and rulers of our modern world.

Deciding to steer away from the commercial scene and all it's appeal. The artist is someone who is sure of their identity and expresses it easily in their work. Facing common issues head on without hesitation, Bill uses his music as a platform for inspiration and to tackle change. His years of experience is clear to see in his music, his lyrics wisely placed with subtle nuances leaving the listener with considerable food for thought. Overall a great song of vast substance and meaning. With last year being a great highlight for the artist, 2021 looks to be an even bigger and better year.


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