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Momin & The Deen’s List unveil throwback classic single COPS UNDERWATER

Momin Deen, is an artist that has been making a name for himself over the last number of years. Possessing a distinct 60’s era indie style the artist is a refreshing and exciting act that has been steadily accumulating fans and listeners. Now uniting with his fully fledged band entitled Momin & The Deen’s List. The band consists of Jay Ridzwan on the lead guitar, Ebrahim taking care of background vocals, Felicia Chan on keys, Syakir Khalid on bass and Momin on lead vocals.

Their latest song COPS UNDERWATER which will be released on Match 18th. The song brings all the elements you would expect, with a collaborative offering of organic live instrumentation, nostalgic lyrics and the artists strong yet interesting vocals.

The the song also contains a hidden theme, love being the centre point, with the artist relaying the alternative meaning behind the record as a “I know you still want me kinda vibe.” Seemingly this makes the track easily relatable for many listeners.

The song does well at keeping the the listener engaged with the concluding guitar solo making for an exciting yet intense concluding final section. Above all it’s worth noting that the biggest highlight from the track is most definitely the chorus itself, a catchy and well put together hook where the artists vocals sine trough along with the array of backing that is also showcased here.

Overall the track is a sure definitive highlight in the ever expanding catalogue from the group, we sure they will have an exciting year of releases ahead but for now, all focus can remain on their exciting new record.




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