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Mimi Novic and Edmond Fokker set the standard on powerful healing album “Seven Prayers of Love”

Mimi Novic and Edmond Fokker are two artists that we have covered previously, mesmerising audiences with their respected skills and individual talents. Mimi’s work outside of music is highly impressive, a global best selling author, she is known worldwide for her inspirational and motivational books. As a coach she has also made a life changing impacts on countless lives. Whilst Edmond’s ability in music speaks for itself, his unique and distinct style of production being instantly recognisable with stunning classical nuances.

Returning with a brand new full length project entitled “Seven Prayers of Love”

The duo provide listeners with a varied and truly captivating showcase. Spanning seven tracks in total the project draws the audience in from start to finish.

The album opener Dance Of Life, is simply magical, a significantly emotional song, with Mimi’s voice affirming words of hope, love and positive energy. Whilst the backing violin whines effortlessly accompanying the lead vocals, it’s the perfect balance of drama, delicacy and intimacy.

Follow up “Sweet Soul” is even more blissful, angelic piano notes flicker along with Mimi’s instructions of embrace and reassurance. Her lyrics are equally as poetic as they are healing, she has a rare ability to adjust her tone perfectly to the progression of the song, floating softly along with Edmond’s violin and piano production tones.

“Promise of Love” beings with a more sombre tone, the classical vibes feel like a throwback in time, nostalgia at it’s finest. The production here feels like it positions itself at the forefront as we are embraced with the array of sounds and organic instrumentation. Whilst the song feels sombre and reflective, Mimi’s vocals bring a much welcomed aura of healing love. Hypnotising the listener as she accompanies you through each and every moment.

“Sorrow of Tears” feels like an extension of the previous song, Mimi’s voice panned centre focus, her delivery feels powerful, attentive and soothing. Her lyricism is on point here, creating clear imagery and a story that you can’t help but stay transfixed to the sounds and voices all around you.

As we reach the final portion of the project, “Hidden Mysteries” begins. One of the shortest numbers of the album never the less one of the most intriguing and powerful. The song feels like a film score made in heaven, soft, original and deeply personal. This is a credit to Edmond’s elite level of musicianship that is without a doubt at a high level.

“Yearning with Aria” is a song that again takes a more sombre approach, Mimi takes her time here, letting the song flow and the instrumentation set the mood before delivering her verses at certain moments during the song. The violin sequences here are particularly impressive, slow and ambient, they are a clear highlight.

Album closer Unknown Path, starts with some beautifully arranged piano chords, they bring a tear to the eye. Shortly after the violin adds an additional level of emotional depth. Mimi’s vocals being here after the 02:00 mark and appear suddenly, a nice decision by the duo creating a nice balance between vocals and production. The song feels like a fitting end to the album. Every song here feels like it belongs, a perfected sequence of songs that flow and never feels overdone or forced at any point.

The duo have created the ideal collaboration formation both complimenting each other throughout the album. Overall a mystical and truly healing body of work that is a definite highlight in both artists expanding catalogue.




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