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Mimi Novic and David Courtney release sensational collaboarative album "Dream House"

When two highly prominent figures of two separate entities unite for a joint cause, you can almost guarantee that magic will be made. David Courtney, has been involved in the elite level of the music industry for decades. With numerous projects under his belt and considerable accolades too, he has cemented his place in history.

Mimi Novic, is also used to that recognition in her field. A global

best selling author, therapist and motivational speaker, her work and projects have have incredible effects on peoples lives all over the world. Now both talents unite for a joint collaborative project of a legendary magnitude.

An experimental body of work, album opener “Welcome To The Dream House” begins with hypnotic tendencies that draw the listener into a world of sonic bliss. Guided gently by Mimi’s soft and elegantly delivered tone. There is no rush here, just an abundance of laid back acoustic electric vibes at five minutes in length the album opener is actually one of the shorter numbers on the project.

“Garden Of Truth” delves into further ambience with a variety of stunning instrumental offerings, flutes, guitar flickers and unorthodox synths add a deeper layer of mystic musical feels. Some reverb flooded background vocals by Mimi really push the boundaries here, a solid highlight from the project.

”Forest Of Fear” brings some wonderful violin tones during the opening section. As the song progresses orchestral chorus vocals add a real spiritual sense to the piece. The instrumental is again accompanied by Mimi’s soft and warming vocals. She speaks of an outdoor abundance and living in the moment. Some wise words for listeners to reflective wholeheartedly on.

“Land Of Broken Dreams” is has some of the most beautifully arranged instrumental works on the album, the gentle percussion and Spanish guitar playing does a fantastic job at taking the listener to an out of world place, far away from the hectic, mundane realities that many of us face. The is one of those songs you which would just stay on repeat, emotional, reflective and enlightening in every way.

“Valley Of Voices” feels like three separate tracks all in one with a diversion and variation in pace, the song offers a nice interlude on the project. Keeping consistent with the overall theme of the album.

The concluding song of the project is “Call Of The Soul” which is a by far the longest track of the album. It has a more synth heavy focus, the intensity picks up for the closing, with an actual beat based backing. The project will no doubt continue to be a huge success with meditation and genre specific followers of this kind of healing music. It provides a refreshing direction compared to frequent musical releases that so commonly flood our playlists and airwaves.


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