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Melotika ignites 80's Pop nostalgia vibes with "Beautiful Disguise"

With support from various outlets and radio stations, the rising Canadian Electro Pop artist Melotika is gearing up for the release of her new album "Dancing Without You."With the leading single kicking things off in stunning fashion. Written in her late teens the artist delves into relatable topics such as heartbreak and self reliance. Sharing the singles line ‘The Devil inside of me is the devil inside of you when you got nowhere else to go" as her favourite written lyrics. The song has taken on various forms since it initial creation all those years ago with the artist taking time to evolve the lyrics and style of the track into what it is today. Something tells us that this will be worth all the wait, it's ready no doubt and it will soon be here.

Taking a closer look at the song itself, the listener is immersed from the opening seconds into a world of glistening electro synth nostalgic tones. Radio ready vocals submerge into the track as the catchy line of "Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful disguise creep in." There is a definite sense of escapism with this song, as if all the combinations of 80's sounds create a false sense of reality. But behind the shades of lush dance ready drum patterns are the darker narratives of this record. The song is after all conveying hurt in many ways and we feel it. On first listen there was similarities to the recent works of Pop giant Dua Lipa and the critically acclaimed "After Hours" by the Weekend. It's not easy to bring back the past but Melotika does well..very well indeed. It leaves us with an immense level of intrigue as to what the rest of the album will sound like, if the single is anything to go by, were in for a real treat. Pre save "Beautiful Disguise" here


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