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Megan Pulles showcases touching new single “Anxiety”

Megan Pulles is an artist that has been making music since the age of seventeen, traditionally trained as an Opera singer before crossing and becoming a singer songwriter. Her music has seen significant support from over fifty radio stations, in addition to garnering over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

Now back with a new single entitled “Anxiety” Meghan showcases her deepest vunerabilities. The song is a heartfelt acoustic number, Megan shows that sometimes keeping things simple are the best, backed by a soft guitar, following the artists piercing vocals. The song is the perfect description for many who suffer with mental health and more specifically anxiety, Megan’s lyrical imagery make the song a wonderful listen that any listener can identity with. Struggling with her own battles with Anxiety, Meghan musical expression is clear, deeply emotive and truly sincere.

Her voice adds another layer of emotion to the track, with the lyrical wordplay also being an impressive highlight here. From a genre perspective the song fits well between a more traditional singer songwriter vibe and also a some nice Country tones too.

Meghan has a rare ability to create music that can touch so many people and listeners with her words and voice, it feel like every release just gets better and better as she evolves with her elite level musicianship. Were excited to see what Meghan has in store next, but for now “Anxiety” makes for the perfect listen




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