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Matthew Austin Hunt raises the bar in second album "Two"

Matthew Austin Hunt is an artist we have had the pleasure of covering before, displaying music that comes from the heart, the artist has his intentions directly focused on the release of this highly anticipated new album entitled "Two."

Track opener "Free"set pulses racing with a smashing instrumental combination intro.

Matthews firm vocals as strong as ever he leads the way towards the chorus.

Second track "Things I Find"really bring out the Country heritage that Matthew has, wining guitar solos' easy flowing drums and a catchy chorus make for an early classic highlight from the album.

Tracks like "Going Home" and "Questions" also keeps the flavour flowing, with more catchy lead vocals in the chorus with some continuation of nice instrumentals.

The second half of the album brings out some of Matthews best vocal work, "Healing Time" a song about taking time away from life's challenges an immersing yourself in good times offers great taste for listneres..

Album finisher "Somethings Going On" is a beautiful closer, smooth, emotional and sensationally heartwarming, a perfect way to close out the album.

The album is set for release on 07/30/21

in the meantime you can catch up with all of Matthews previous work here:


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