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Martin Aelred Colgan Releases Wondrous New Album

Martin Aelred Colgan has just released his latest album 'Last Boat to St. Helena', which is full of musical and thematic twists and turns.

Ostensibly acoustic yet bathed in various styles, the songs range from a sea shanty in “Last Boat to St. Helena” to an evocative instrumental tone poem in “Essencia”. MaC also journeys to the brazen and beautiful Flamenco infused “City People”. There are also tender love songs such as the ethereal track 'Aurora', with it's sweet Spanish guitar. Colgan is sure to serenade the listener. There are moments of classic songwriting, of the 80s and of something very fresh and modern all at the same time. This unique sound which Colgan has expertly crafted, coupled with a versatile vocal range, is sure to stand out from the crowd.

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