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Martha Wash releases soul classic in "Love and Conflict"

Martha has seen and done it all over the last number of decades with support from all over the world and a global Spotify following, it's safe to say she is musical legend in her own right.

Selling platinum records and being nominated at the Grammy awards on numerous occasions, Martha has a distinct and wonderful music talent.

Here new album "Love and Conflict" is a heartfelt body of work, the contrast is magnificent, there is something here for everyone, large emotional ballads and uptempo soul jams. The opener "Glamour Flows" is am uptempo feel good jam, followed up with the classic uplifting "Like Fire."

The album only eight songs long really feel like classic Martha, her voice still as powerful and spine tingling as it has ever been. The huge chorus of "Like fire" is something spectacular, it has some amazing gospel influences especially towards the final chorus.

"Flowers Blossom" has some really stunning instrumental additions, the violin is a warm welcome in the track. "Never enough money" is a song of absolute truth that can resinate with many of us worldwide, made even better by the raspy conviction in Martha's voice along with the high stakes guitar solo.

The concluding section of the album takes a slower deeper, ballad approach that is a nice contrast to the beginning of the album. Overall Martha has crafted a beautiful album that is some of her best work in years.

Be sure to stream the album here



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