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Markus Murphy takes us back in time with sensational throwback single “Already Blue”

Markus Murphy is a Canadian producer and Musician. Markus also leads a band of talented Jazz musicians that feature on stage with him and in his records. For Markus music has been a way of life since his teens. Taking close inspiration from the likes of musical legends such as Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison and Marvin Gaye.

His latest single “Already Blue” is a modern day classic with dashing nostalgic qualities. Backed with organic instrumental tones the song is patented with reverb flooded vocals that take the listener back in time, there is a stunning blend of old school meets new on the track, both Markus and his band have done a remarkable job crafting a song that balances the best of such contrasting era’s in music.

The production showcases some beautiful guitar work and violin runs in addition to a plethora of accompanying instruments, the whole combination of organic instrumentation from the 03:00 mark is just sensational. The song definitively goes out with a real bang. It feels like a concert is being played and the listener has the front row seat for the entirety of the record. A brilliant display of elite musicianship by all.

Although upbeat the lyrics are deeply contrasting with common and relatable themes like many of the old soul classics that inspired the artist. With a number of single releases out Markus adds another classic to his expanding catalogue. We can’t wait to hear what is in store next, but for now we can all enjoy the stunning “Already Blue”





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