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Molone finds solace in new EP "Save Your World"

Molone is a singer/songwriter based out Germany, he found initial success after the release of his debut single ‘You Stay With Me’, which received considerable support from various radio and media platforms.

The artist now shifts his musical focus to the release of his new five-track EP entitled ‘Save Your World” the leading single and visual is a throwback with florescent colours lighting up the screen yellow and purple flashes that set the tone as the artist is shown grooving away in flat out confidence.

From a production perspective, the song is a Rock heavy track filtered with strong drums and guitar backing. It features some solid guitar solo’s from the three minute mark. With an unexpected costume change and an entrance from Spider Man himself.

The EP itself is a mix of genres with some smooth production and sonic tones. Songs like “I Don’t Care” even posses some house vibes. “The End” showcases some of the artists best vocals and lyrics. In what is a sombre winning ballad. EP closer, “You Stay With Me” is a reflective work of art, well mixed and nicely put together, with a conclusive uplifting tone. The chorus is a catchy one that brings a wonderful closing to the project.



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