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Macarena unveils elegant R&B love story on "Mañana"

Born and raised in Amsterdam the artist has been making significant waves recently with her latest single. Her early years was where she first discovered her natural gift for writing through poetry and later lyrics.

With ambition to release multiple projects this year, "Mañana" looks to be one of many as the artist expands her discovery and fanbase.

The single itself is beautifully arranged, the vocals gorgeous with smooth harmonics and layered vocals making the song incredibly catchy. The introduction only containing an intimate combination of vocals and an electric guitar.

The theme and narrative follow an all familiar story of love and jealousy in an LGBTQ romance. The production for the track is light and compliments the record incredibly well along with Macarenas vocals.

The highlight or us being the chorus which is a combustion of angelic tones, that stick in the listeners mind, elegantly Spanish and contemporarily R&B. The artists choice to create a highly personal song with a smooth edge works well and serves to only add compliment to the song.

Macarena has really created something special with this release and things are certainly looking exciting in the times ahead.



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