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Lyrical Genes and his incredible single "Girlss II"

Lyrical Genes also known as Dana Burtin is a rare uniquely talented and creative individual.

The artist balances between, acting, poetry and writing. A highly accomplished book writer with several books out in stores including Amazon, this young talent has been making serious moves across various fields.

Moving on to his latest release, "Girlss II" a single that offers a considerable amount of sweet R&B Hip Hop vibes, thought provoking lyrics combined with a seriously cool chorus.

Lyrical Genes has brought out all the stops on this latest record.

The instrumental feels like a hybrid of trap and R&B "I was the type to never break a promise" is one of the lyrics that remain just one of the many potent offerings, with clever wordplay from start to finish. In addition, the artist brings a voice of unwavering conviction. In a time where mumble rap seems to be the latest phase of rap fashion, it is certainly refreshing and great to hear an artist that sticks to the essence of true Hip Hop and provides listeners with solid set of bars that reign loud and clear.

It's also worth noting that the song is actually just one of the many solid numbers on his album, which is actually a fifteen track epic from start to finish. What remains most impressive about Lyrical Genes is the fact that his music is outstanding yet it's only one of his many talents, With a steady growing fan base and a number of releases already out this year, we can't wait to see what is in store next for this artist.



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