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Lÿnx bring the intensity on latest single "Crazy Crazy World"

The band who are based Calgary Canada, were formed during the midst of the global pandemic. The formation of the group starting with a collaboration with vocalist Lazer Wild and lead guitarist Blade. The two musicians soon recruited the highly talented bassist Fangs and drummer Flash. The full band then began on an incredible journey where in only amount short time, they have gained recognition from new loyal supporters and fans with each and every musical releases.

The rock band released their first official debut EP back in February of this year, letting the world know exactly who they are what they are capable of. Their new single "Crazy Crazy World, is a high pace combination of nostalgic 80's rock, powerful raw vocals with a heavy drum and bass infused instrumental.

The racy guitar licks set the track alive immediately, the intensity reaching fever pitch within the opening thirty seconds. With the lead vocals adding fuel to the fire, setting pulses racing whilst the thunderous drum patterns play in the background making for a soul shaking opener.

The song progresses well with a stunning guitar solo in the final concluding section of the record. The vocals being the final hit with Lazers screaming vocals, being a clear demonstration of his vocal flexibility and talent.

Overall Lÿnx have delivered an impressive and noteworthy single to the bands quickly expanding discovery, much to the excitement and admiration of they're international fanbase.



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