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Lyand drops deep house bop "Inspiration"

Taking a step back into the golden days of 90's house, NYC Brooklyn based Lyand has unveiled his latest offering entitled "Inspiration" The artist is a familiar face on the NYC live scene with extensive and highlight reel performances at prestigious venues such as Sullivan Room, Cielo, Pacha, DL, Dominion, Providence and TBA Brooklyn.

Lyand admits that the creative process for new work can often take up considerable time, honing in his skills and craft in the studio master crafting new sounds usually after hours of experimentation. His new single is most definitely some of his most impressive and bold work to date.

Synthetic trance based house so good that listeners can't help but feel the groove, a dark but ambient beat lays the foundations for the track with some sample spoken word voiceovers settling in the background. Keeping the pace exciting with added instrumental touches and cinematic tones. The song absolutely feels progressive with intention, flowing well from beginning to end the song feels like a prelude to another song, could this be the teaser for another project, only time will tell, for now we can enjoy this noteworthy track from the exciting artist.



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