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Lucky Number You bring us stunning nostalgic album of mega hits on “AfterCare”

Lucky Number You are a band based of Birmingham UK, the band bring a refreshing array of 80’s and 90’s Pop tones to their music. After a number of single releases this year, they are back with their action packed new album entitled “AfterCare.”

The project is an eleven track collection of certified hits. The album is a real whirlwind of variating upbeat tracks and head banging jams, filled with some seriously impressive guitar solo’s, amazing vocals and addictive hooks. The band sound like total pro’s. No track requires skipping here, as the band have given their all to make every track feel like a leading song, a real credit to their musicianship, unison and teamwork.

They easily manage to blend the best of older era’s into modern day contemporary hits, something that is not so easy but effortlessly portrayed by Lucky Number You. The album is also masterfully arranged and the mix is on point. The project could easily compete with the best of major releases currently out there.

Although some of the albums songs go over the four minute mark, nothing feels overdone or recycled, each song flowing naturally as the album progresses. It feels like the band have found and perfected their style a long time ago and have no problems letting the listener know just who and how good they are. Showcasing a clear level of musical maturity throughout the entire body of work.

Overall Lucky Number You have provided a hit album that will stand the test of time and become highlight in their exciting musical catalogue.




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