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Lucid Letters sweeps us up in the moment on sleek new single “Delighted”

Lucid Letters hails from the north of England. Her music covers a various ground of genres, the rapper, songwriter and artist has been making music for the best part of fifteen years, developing a distinct style with poetic lyricisms and ambient vocals.

Her latest single arrives in the from of “Delighted” an acoustic Pop bop with a whole range of sleek production effects, the beginning of the track starts with dreamy vocals slowly building to the guitar riff chorus. There is a soothing warmth to the track, Lucid Letters does a great job of setting the scene, fluent imagery, lush piano chords and some great poetic lyrics bring this story to life. A romantic journey from start to finish.

“I could sweep you up in the moment” “Talking up a storm in your car” are some of the lyrics that build up towards the chorus. Lucid’s experience of songwriting and song structure are easy to see on the record, she has great musical awareness and sense of direction with here image and art. It feels though even she has been releasing so many great songs lately. The best is yet to come as she just keeps getting better!




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