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LT Turner Jr is back with a heartfelt new single entitled “When October Goes”

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

LT Turner Jr is back with a new heartfelt single entitled “When October Goes”

The song was the precursor to the artists 2019 EP "Season's of Love.“ A clear showcase of captivating vocals from start to finish LT ensures his audience are fully engaged in this festive classic.

Accompanied by a subtle backing of blissful piano that blends in perfectly with the artists vocals. The piercing falsetto vocals at 2:12 are some of the best vocals heard from the artist adding even more conviction and depth to the song. Lyrically LT keeps things honed in and focused around the narrative of love, ensuring the song reminds us of the true reflections and timeless memories in our lives.

Whilst the song makes the ideal choice for solo listening it is also a great song to play around friends and loved ones.





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