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Lovejive drop their dreamy new single "Fields of Girls"

The duo formed their band whilst at college in Michigan back in 2000. However due to the all too familiar pressures of life, the band were forced to make a difficult decision and take an extended hiatus. Never the less fifteen years later they are back and seemingly better than ever. There are always questions associated with reuniting bands that occupy the centre lines of questions from old fans and followers, are they going to sound the same as before? Can they bring back what they had in their first run? To answer those questions- indefinitely yes. In the case of Lovejive there is little room for doubt. Their latest release comes off the back of their previous single "Climax" and it appears that they are only getting better with each release, lush organic instrumental provide the foundational backing that culminates with a striking guitar solo. Of course then we have the vocals, which easily take main stage in songs these days, however Lovejive do an astounding job keeping things light, smooth intricate but subtle vocal layering follow the track and make for a great listen. Stream "Fields of Girls" here


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