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LODATO take us back in time with dance classic "Neon Lights"

New Yorks own LODATO, has been a staple of dance music in the last number of years, in what can only be described as a meteoric rise in the industry. With hit singles such as “Good Thing, “Neon Lights” and “Heathens” remix. Gaining significant support from radio, fans and industry tastemakers.

His style ranges considerably from transgressive house to more subtle house numbers. Offering variating grooves in his work.

His current release “Neon Lights” currently reached number 1 on the USA Dance radio and Billboard. An achievement the artist has replicated on numerous occasions in the last number of years. Impressively LODATO has done this four times in the past two years on Dance Radio and three times in the past two years on the Billboard Dance/Mixshow Airplay chart. LODATO has also seen some incredible support online from high end blogs and prestigious musical sites.

The song itself is an all out nostalgic 80’s inspired jam, with addictive hooks, intense house patterns and smooth vocals flooded with incredible sonic conviction. The current trend of 80’s themed reinvention for commercial audiences have become an ever popular go to for many producers, artists and DJ’s, but very few have the capability to pull it off and pull it off convincingly well.

LODATO does it effortlessly, the song is a wonderful blend of old vs new that somehow also manages to separate itself from the rest of the pack and the current trends whilst maintaining its organic theme.

LODATO’s has demonstrated his talent and skills for all to see and the industry has taken note, with each remix or original release seemingly increasing the artists stock and reputation as a solidified global contender, along with the likes of David Guetta and other dance gatekeepers.



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