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Liquidate bring out all the stops in formidable new EP “Where The Wild Things Are”

German Indie Rock band Liquidate, are fast becoming a formidable musical force.

founded by multi-instrumentalists Joel Weckermann and Henry Schentgöke, their new EP entitled “Where The Wild Things Are” is a five track heavy hitting project that takes the listener on a full journey of alternating emotions.

Starting things with the intimate piano chords of “The Outset” the opening number subtlety draws the listener in before igniting with a combustion of instrumental melodies. A great way to start the EP. Follow ups “Introversion” brings a much welcomed set of vocals that add another layer of emotion to the track, uptempo guitar riffs bring an Indie tone to the track, along with the smooth bass licks that all make for an enjoyable listen. They're is a definite throwback quality to the bands music, it could easily fit into the 70’s Beach Boys era whilst finding easy placement in todays industry.

“Lets get to the point where we start again” echo’s references to the Police, it’s a sure highlight on the EP, raw, catchy and hauntingly melodic. The guitar backing is gorgeous as is the synth inspired segments a return to nostalgic gold is found here.

Concluding tracks “Cellar Door” take things up a notch for a more Rock and Roll feel and makes for a refreshing entry, whist “Desire to know” makes for a beautiful closer, stunning piano chords and a reflective emotional combination of organic instrumentation is simply the perfect way to end this highly impressive EP.



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