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Lefty Keyz inspires beyond all expectations in stunning new album "Creator's Way”

Lefty Keyz is an exciting talent that has been making some serious moves over the last number of months. Determined to make his mark on the industry through his own unique creativity and musical expression. His latest album entitled "Creator's Way” is a bold yet enticing body of work that showcases the artist's many talents.

Crafted in the realms of both Hip Hop and R&B the artist utilizes his broad range of skills to bring listeners a solid project. Compelling lyricism, articulate wordplay are just some of the things expressed here. The artist makes clear his connection with his faith and incorporates this frequently on the album. Refreshing gospel influences with Hip Hop tones make the album a refreshing offering in a time where the industry at times can feel typically familiar.

One of the leading highlights of the album and also the lead single “The Way You Want Me.” The visuals that accompany the songs are nothing short of mesmerizing, with cutting-edge cinematography, that seamlessly adds even more depth to the artist's words and music. It’s rare to find an artist that puts an equal amount of creativity into their visuals, yet Lefty Keyz does this perfectly.

In what has already been a solid year for the artist, his growing fan base will be eager to see what is in store next, and after this album so are we.




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