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Laurentis and Maijah drop collaboration magic with new single “Know My Name”

“Know My Name” is the impressive new collaboration release from Laurentis and Maijah. Produced mixed and mastered entirely by Laurentis the song is a masterfully arranged song that showcases both artists musical talents in the finest light.

Utilising both free flowing Hip Hop wordplay and smooth R&B vocals the song is a demonstration of how to create a record of blended genre sensations and themes. “Know My Name” is an unwavering display of confidence coated with an array of sensuality and rhythmic elegance.

Album cover: Gina Arnone

Both artists already have an impressive catalogue, with a heavy presence on streaming platforms. This latest collaboration is without a doubt one of the finest releases from both of them. An effortless club banger the single offers both an upbeat raunchy tone yet more subtle tendencies with a chorus nod to 90’s R&B jams.

It’s worth noting just how talented Laurentis is, the artists ability to jump between producer, artist and mixing engineer is an impressive musical feat that not so many contemporary artists of today’s industry can take claim to.

In addition Maijah possess an undeniable musical talent with stunning distinct vocals that can fit almost any vibe out there.

In what has already been a successful couple of years for both Lauretis and Mariah, things look to be on another exciting uptrend for both after the success of their stunning new collaboration single. Their fans and listeners will be awaiting with eager ears for what lies in store next and so will we.



Maijah pictures: Gemma Cross


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