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Larri Jae, showcases a lesson in true R&B with classic EP “Chapter 30”

Larri Jae, is fast becoming a rising face in the industry, the R&B artist who came from the violent streets of Chicago to making music, with a plethora of Grammy Award winning producers brings a refreshing a clear demonstration of musical talent.

His latest EP entitled “Chapter 30” is most certainly a body of work that will be a real highlight in his expanding catalogue, the first thing noticeable is just how much of a natural Larri is, an elite songwriter, the artist has a great ability to bring the audience into a world of blissful escapism, “Alphabet Head (Wet Enough) is the staple R&B track of the project and it’s a luscious explosion of sensuality and bedroom antics.

Larri brings us back to the days of classic R&B, with tones of Chris Brown, Usher and Trey Songz filtering through, Larri is without a doubt an R&B connoisseur. His vocals soft yet intense, laced with clever and articulate wordplay. It’s a certified banger and without a doubt has hit written all over it.

“Tell Me Who” is a more ambient upbeat track with a reflective tone and vibe, the song is a personal journey of heartbreak, wonder and regret, whilst having optimism for finding love with a former flame who has made her mark on the artists heart. Larri sounds like a complete pro on this record, it could fit right in with any of the upper level artists of the genre. A solid and indifferent track on the EP.

Concluding track “Sad Inc.” is a powerful closer, oozing with confidence, trap tones and effortless swag. It’s a showcase of just how versatile the Larri Jae is, this is an artist that can operate in a variety of related genres and deliver a performance that fits perfectly regardless of tone, style and story. Only the best can do this and it’s clear from the EP that Larri Jae is well on his way.




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