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Kody Reeder unleashes powerful new single "Nightmare"

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Nostalgic tones of the legendary Blink 182 "Whats My Age Again"ring out on Kody Reeders latest release “Nightmare” the artist who releases the song in culmination with his highly anticipated EP "Anxiety" has created a powerful and statement defining song.

Kody's vocals fit perfectly for this style of music, possessing tender yet powerful Indie tones, the artist also displays wholesome and meaningful conviction when delivering the heartfelt and raw lyrics.

Mixed perfectly everything is balanced incredibly well, the song, smooth guitar and bass hits set the tone for the record making for an enjoyable listen. The chorus ringing out, never feeling too overdone, remaining super catchy.

The concluding section of the record also showcases a scorching guitar solo making for a climatic and sensational ending. With the song releasing this coming Friday, the full EP will be available from July 9th, much to the excitement of fans and followers alike.



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