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Kilevrah Cash unleashes fiery new single "Regents"

The artist who hails from Kankakee Illinois has been making serious moves over the last number of years. With a variety of commercial radio plays under his belt across various states. In addition Kilevrah has been busy on the road performing at the prestigious SXSW in Austin as well as opening tours for a variety of artists across cities in the US. His music is blunt to the point and delivered with exceptional honesty coated with truth and expressive stories of reality.

In his latest new single the artist has opted for a slow hip hop beat, the production is worth noting here as being smooth with an excellent backdrop melody, heavy 808's and twinkling synths that add a special swag to the production. Combining this with the artists laid back, flow on the record the song does make for a real treat. From a context standpoint themes of Hustle and work ethic are on full display, the artist tells how he has multiple streams of income and still works hard pushing his music. An independent no nonsense approach that the artist has been using since delving into the industry. The single is the first since his 2017 release "On the Go" and sounds like a new, more well rounded and defined artist. No doubt his followers will be pleased to see his return. I'm sure the question of what's next? Will be a leading question, whether that be another single or full LP time, time will tell, as for now fans of Kilevrah can enjoy what they have in his new single. Stream "Regents" here


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