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Kelvin Raps and his latest album of signature classics “It’s Over”

Kelvin Raps is an artist that we have covered earlier this year, he is now back with an exciting full length project. Entitled “It’s Over” which is an eighteen track album, that offers some of Kelvin’s best work.

We begin with the project opener “Life’s Short” a catchy mid tempo banger, filled with electro effect vocals. With some nostalgic 80’s synth backed instrumentals. The vocal harmonies fill out the track adding an additional level of smooth vibes. Second track “I Feel The Same” bings out some feel good tones, with mesmerising electro trumpet solos and a chorus to die for. Kelvin seems to have found his niche on this album, as an artist he has a natural capability to write heart stoping choruses and catchy melodies. This track is without a doubt one of the best on the album.

Follow up tracks “You were right”, “Driving Me Crazy and “Are You Gonna Love Me"takes a step back to more mellow and sombre tones, with variating genre influences including Techno, LoFi and Rock. It feels like this mid album point section takes the listener to the darker episodes of the artists creative expression.

“You Promised” showcases some nice layered vocals and some more synth keypad vibes, while “Moving On” is a guitar backed song where to artist admits to letting go of the pain of a past relationship, the song has some really nice Indie feels that bring some really heartfelt tones. The same goes for “Love Games”, “Fucked Up” and “You and I”

“She’s Mine” is a trap heavy hit that feels like classic club mover. The artist brings some impressive bars, with authoritative swag from start to finish with a killer hook. Next up is “It’s Over” an 808 heavy jam, the vocal harmonics and layering work really well on this track, the song is another top five highlight on the album, that demonstrates the artists versatile flow and knack for songwriting.

“My Letter To You” continues with Kelvin’s signature vocals offerings and emo trap melodies.

“Dec.25th” has some of the finest production of the album with twinkling piano taps and an addictive chorus “Shorty is a princess, but she wanna go party”rings out as the artist flows effortlessly with lyrics over the uptempo beat.

The albums conclusive tracks “I Guess, “Let It Go” and “Everything Takes Time” almost feel like the climatic departing chapter of closure, where the artist lays everything on the table with sincere lyrics and vocals of conviction.

“Dreams” the ending track definitely is the perfect way to wrap up the project, it’s culminates everything the artist has gone through and showcased on the project. It’s sad, undeniably honest and offers much in the way of reflection, the electric guitar acoustic backing makes it feel even more raw and relatable, overall it does feel like the right way to close out what is a stunning project from Kelvin Raps.



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