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Keith Curtis comes face to face with reality on latest EP "Happiness Is Hard"

The singer songwriter and artist from Minneapolis is known for his distinct guitar and harmonica playing. Taking influences from Americana, indie folk and acoustic rock artists.

Keith has extensive experience in music writing dating back over a decade in the industry.

His latest EP which is out on the 20/06/2021 focuses on demonstrating the artists full flexibility from a creative perspective.

Each song written firstly in an acoustic setting, Keith worked with sessions musicians and producer Matt Guertin to bring a fuller richer sound on the EP.

All three songs on the project each bring their own unique vibe, offering much in the way of reflection and musical ambience, combined with Keith's soft and soothing tone the records flow together well staying consistent with the overall theme of the EP.

Strong country tones take centre stage on the project with the background vocals being notably impressive

Overall a great three song EP that has to be some of Keith Curtis's best work yet.

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