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Kalle FORnia SurferBOY ignites with moving acoustic EP “Stories From The Soul.”

After a plethora of single releases over the past few years Kalle FORnia SurferBOY is back with a stunning new EP project entitled “Stories From The Soul.” The five track album is an action packed and versatile array of well crafted numbers, mesmerising from start to finish.

Keeping things acoustic and stripped back the artist allows his rough, rugged and distinct vocals to be showcased spectacularly. Each song on the track provides captivating imagery and lyricism. The third track on the song “L..O.V.E is a heart warming and relatable track, laced with delicate and emotive vocals, beautifully arranged with a Ukulele backdrop taking the listeners into the artists world.

The EP flows exceptionally well with no song feeling out of place at any point, overall a solid and highly impressive effort from the artist.


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