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Judah showcases elite lyricism and flow with “On My Mind”

Judah is an upcoming artist that brings articulate lyricism, natural confidence and creative wordplay, in his music. The artist’s latest single is no exception of the above. Entitled “On My Own” the track is a heartfelt, moving single from his upcoming album “Judah And The Lonely Kingdom".

Delivering smooth bars behind a melodic and elegant Hip Hop beat, the backing R&B vocals add a haunting layer to the already atmospheric production. In addition the recurring sample throughout makes it’s mark, becoming a welcoming feature on the track.

Above all, the clear highlight of the track is Judah’s natural ability to bring the listener into his world, relatable words laced with conviction and a subtle vulnerability offer a refreshing indifference in today’s industry, where fast life antics and flash materialistic are the norm. Judah showcases that originality and skilful musicianship are just as impressive.

With a number of singles released this year, Judah’s fast growing fanbase will undoubtedly be eager to hear what the artist has in store next, for now however we can all enjoy his current catalogue of hits including this amazing body of work “On My Mind”


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