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Mesmerising smooth Jazz Pop wonder "DEEP BLUE SEA" by JUBE

The Sheffield UK duo, Julie Clarkson and Bennett Holland have been creating music together for the best part of a decade. They arrived on the global scene last year, with their newly released single, garnering a significant abundance of support from radio, fans and industry tastemakers alike.

Unlike a lot of artists in todays industry JUBE have a clear and strong identity, their sound is undeniably distinct, exuberayting sensuality and organic conviction. Deep Blue Sea, is a mixed genre infused jam, the Jazz piano riffs, clever bass flicks and instrumental drums offer a combination of pure bliss just by themselves. But from a lyrical and vocal standpoint the guys really hit it home. Their voices gel together so perfectly, "I feel the tide pulling me" is the definitive phrase as the chorus belts in. Nods towards 80's soul queen Sade are on full display there are also some similarities to legendary instrumentalist Althea Rene. The duo somehow find a way to transport the listener to another world, their world and they own every piece of it!

It's also worth noting JUBE'S album is also absolutely worth taking a listen to. As a body of work it's flawless. You will not find artificial plug in's substituting for live real music. Everything is real and it's sounds out of this world. JUBE offer real nostalgia to the days of true artistry and live musicianship.

Deep Blue Sea, would fit in perfectly to any Cafe Del Mar Hitlist and we're pretty sure should they continue to expand their discovery that it won't be long before songs like Deep Blue Sea find their way onto beachfront playlists of chillout classic enthusiasts all over the world. With the album reaching praise from the likes of BBC introducing, it looks to be an exciting year for the band. We can't wait for what the future holds.


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