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JON RONIGER AND THE GOOD FOR NOTHIN' BAND bring the wow factor with live showcase at 6010

JON RONIGER AND THE GOOD FOR NOTHIN' BAND are perfect examples that good music still does exist on our world. The band consists of Jon Roniger (singer/songwriter, guitar), Adam Everett (drums), Evan Paydon (bass), Ellis Seiberling (trombone), Cyrus Nabipor (trumpetl) and Jake Gold (keys). Combing various acoustic genre influences with effortless vocals and live instrumentals the band are in a league of their own.

Their live resume speaks for itself in volumes, performing at various festivals and shows including:

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The French Quarter Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Ingolstadt Blues Fest and Festival REM in France. The band are indeed an international success in high demand.

Their latest live album “Live at 6010” is a showcases of the band live skills, with an incredible groovy big band feel. Opener “Little By Little” is a smooth number with rich trumpets and percussion. “First Call For Alcohol” is an uptempo track with addictive swag and funk. “Make it Good” is an all around feel good number, as is the jolly and wonderfully written “Love In The Time Of Corona” “Miles Away” keeps the party going with unstoppable fun vocals and fast paced action. “Regrets” makes everything wrong feel for once not so bad after all!

We conclude with the final section of the album beginning with “Nothing Is Sacred” Which is a great electro Jazz piano infusion of bliss. “Miss It By A Mile” reminds us just how funky this band really is, “Will You Be There” is quite possibly the best vocal performance of the project.

The band have brought out their very best here listen to the album on all platforms from August 15th 2021.

Keep up with the band here:


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