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John Vento takes a step on the wild side with "For What It's Worth"

John Vento is an artist we have had the pleasure of covering before, known primarily for his work both as a musician and his outside philanthropist work, especially with raising awareness for autism, in addition he is also best known as the front man for the high octane energy, rhythm and blues group, The Nied’s Hotel Band.

As a solo artist his work has varied significantly. His latest release comes in the form of a new single entitled "For What It's Worth"

Starting with some highly impressive layered harmonies and acoustic guitars, "There's something happening here" is the opening line as the artist lets the beat kick in. There is a definite country vibe to this track. Along with an awesome break down occurring around the 01:55 mark filled with sharp electric guitars and heavy drum patterns.

John Vento has created a solid single here, with an album in the works and surely another single on the way, this year especially looks to be an exciting time for the artist.



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