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JoeJas shows that he indeed can do it all on new drop “Suedeflips”

JoeJas never ceases to amaze with his creativity. This is an artist that repeatedly drops hit after hit. Without a doubt one of the most hardworking and consistent artists we have had the pleasure of covering. He spent last year following up with project after project and this year looks to be the same for this artist.

His latest song entitled “Suedeflips” is a concoction of smooth Hip Hop instrumental tones brining the listener into the artists world, before switching things up with variating genre tones, Lo Fi vibes and Trap infusions make their presence felt on the track as the artists vocals jump over the beat. The song never stays long enough in the same place to make the listener settle into comfortability, keeping the audience on edge with unpredictable turns.

Equally JoeJas brings us a stunning visual accompaniment, what’s most impressive here is that Joe has done everything himself from the production, lyrical arrangements and shooting the visual. Were not sure of any artist that possesses such a level of creative control and versatility when it comes to their work.

The editing is also mesmerising with a talking Lemon being a highlight as well as Joe’s natural charisma on camera display which is always a pleasure to see. Joe’s driving theme behind the record was quoted by the artist:

“No matter where things go in my life or what age does to me, I'm still going to be me and hold my values.”

This is absolutely the case on the record, Joe is an artist that is set sure of his brand, identity and creative value. He never falls short of this and in the days of recycled artists, it’s refreshing to see and artist with their own originality and stick by it as the years go by. JoeJas has done it again on his new release and were sure you and his growing fanbase will be here for it




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