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JoeJas showcases his talent on latest album "Four Wing Island"

Combining Jazz, Hip Hop and just about everything else at his disposal the rapper's latest project showcases his exceptional versatility both from an artistic and production standpoint. The opening songs from the album set expectations high with synthetic beats and magnificent energy keeping the listener engaged. Songs such as "S.E.S.H" really demonstrate his skills as a producer too. With ever changing structure and turns as the track progresses. From a lyrical perspective Joe is no stranger to addictive hooks which he implements to the fullest on the entire album. "Sally's Heartbreak Picnic" is also a real highlight with a magnificent guitar beat backed with lush synths and vocals. Moving on towards the final segment of the album we have the stunning "Planet at the 4.W.I Lounge" a purely instrumental song that oozes effortless sensuality with slick bass hits and a gorgeous piano backing. Certainly a great surprise on the project, before finishing with a club ready encore track "Venture." The album is definitely a huge step forward for the artist who has been releasing consistently for the last number of years. Leaving fans eagerly anticipating more. Listen to the album here


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