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JoeJas is back with new visual and single "Venture"

Updated: May 18, 2021

JoeJas is an artist we have covered before, possessing a range of musical talents, from rapping, producing and of course performing. Joe has found comfort in being unique, his art profoundly individual and distinct, fans have grown to love and enjoy his music for what it is.

Blending influences of various genres, such as Hip, Hop, Jazz and R&B.

Notably his music can steer in different directions when it comes to emotion, from darker more somber tones to upbeat dance ready vibes.

Coming off the back a highly successful third album, the artist releases his latest video for the single "Venture" The visual is everything we hoped it would be, quirky, exciting and totally JoeJas.

The artist explains the song is about being completely in tune with who you are and moving at your own beat. It's clear the Joe does just that, with bright blistering texts flashing on the screen as the artist impressively moves from scene to scene transporting the viewers to various locations throughout.

The split screen looks mesmerising and superbly edited. With the bedroom scenes being super fun and expressive as the artists jams to camera. The outro shot outdoors is also a nice turn in events with a guitar Indie spacey vibe taking hold.

Joe also dresses up in different characters at one point each contrasting heavily, but making a lasting impact, showcasing his ability to be an expressive showman that can do this naturally.



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