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JoeJas delivers a masterful display of true musicianship on new album Gaps & Nomads

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Gaps & Nomads is the news stunning album project by the highly entertaining musical talent that is JoeJas. As expected Joe has his hand on every aspect of this release from the creative backstory to the production. Joe magnificently handles everything himself. Whist for many juggling so many components of a full body piece of work, would seem almost unimaginable. However for Joe it’s become his signature.

Opening with a highly expressive monologue and rap interlude, the album kicks of with the uplifting “Gappy’s Origin” Follow up “Lax” is a track that oozes attitude, swanky synth bops and Joe’s classic flow, it feels like Joe has brought us a new level of swag on this album it’s filled with confidence boosting numbers like this.

“Sally’s Last Dance” is always a refreshing listen, accompanied by an equally as wonderful visual. “Gappy’s Overalls” follows a similar vibe to the rest of the album with it’s hard hitting sonic elements. “Escape” is a beautiful mid point track that articulates some of the artists best lyricism on the album.

“March 30th” is simply a production masterpiece, Joe has done an impeccable job here to create an action packed non stop musical landscape that leaves the listener not knowing what to expect next.

“Nomad” is more of the nostalgic Joe we have grown to love, with elements of Rock appearing from the start, the vocal distortion really works well on the record.

The final two songs perfectly conclude the album, “Suedeflips” acts as the powerhouse single on the album. It’s defiant nature and classic Hip Hop style reminds us of Joe Jas’s effortless ability to be a chameleon of genres. The outro from 02:31 is nothing short of breathtaking. Album closer “Plant The Band” is a worthy ending note, with a more organic instrumentation approach taken by the artist, ending with a signified and charismatic ending.

JoeJas has quite possibly delivered his best album so far with

“Gaps & Nomads.” His musical maturity and ever increasing skillset remains his greatest quality. It seems like he has no issue showcasing just how good he can be on this project.


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