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JoeJas dazzles with returning character focused single “Sally’s Last Dance”

JoeJas is a rising name that has been making moves within the industry, attracting new fans and listeners with his ever impressive creativity which it seems has no bounds or limitations. Rapping since eleven years of age and producing since he was seventeen, JoeJas has always been a highly creative individual. Working on his craft over the years the artist now runs things his own way, mastering the art of self sufficiency within music, Joe creates everything himself.

His latest release entitled “Sally’s Last Dance” is no exception. Returning with a recurring character who goes by the name of Sally. Firstly the song itself begins with thumping 808’s and bass drops before a combustion of sounds and futuristic tones begin, Joe’s vocals starting with some distortion and then progressing into his signature flow and sophisticated lyrics. JoeJas makes everything seem new with his work, turning the switch every time and reinventing himself.

The accompanying visual is equally as impressive, as Joe and his crew can be seen in a house party before everything turns south, Joe can be seen showcasing his creative flair, signature charisma and unique style. Vibrant, fun and different the visual is another solid offering in his amazing catalogue.

Overall the single delivers on all fronts, the song shows the artists continued and never ending development.



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