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Jerrod Azaad drops sensual R&B classic “Put It Down”

Jerrod Azaad, certainly knows how to make an impact. The artist who hails from North Carolina has a knack for making records of great nostalgic value, his style reminiscent of the 90’s R&B Jack Swing craze.

His latest single arrives in the form of “Put It Down” an addictive sensual R&B offering that also has some nice female background vocals.

The artist floats over the bass heavy beat with poetic lyricism and intense vocals that don’t hold anything back. His display of authenticity is easy to see as is his undeniable vocal talent. The song offers bags of so much repeat value with it’s catchy progression and verses.

The artist impressively has released a number of songs over the last number of years that each contrast slightly, demonstrating the artists ability to make music of pretty much any style and make it sound epic!

Put It Down is without a doubt his highlight release of the year. We really hope that his run of recent releases continue and we get to hear even more from this unique and exciting talent in the near future.




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