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Jeff Goldsmith is back with new single "That Witch"

Based out of Minneapolis the artist and sound designer has been involved in music since his early years, he began playing violin at the Suzuki Music Academy. The Suzuki method taught Jeff to learn music by ear in contrast to the traditional method of reading. As a result, his ears were shaped at an early age to be drawn to and motivated by sound.

Following to more recent times Jeff is preparing for the release of his highly anticipated album “May You Find the Light Before the Devil Knows He’s Right,” The album will push musical boundaries by exploring alternative rock, noise, dark ambient, and neo-classical arrangements.

His current release "That Witch"is an ambient score, with a title that ironically fits identically with the vibe and theme of the record. Intriguing chapters fill the song with slow light piano touches bring followed by almost heavy metal drums and lead guitar combustion's.

The artist's voice containing a deep and haunting tone as they record plays out, keeping the listener on the edge of their seats, not knowing what to expect next.

Jeffs background as a sound designer for the commercial sector has benefited him greatly in his own personal musical works. He is able to create clever turns and take unorthodox directions, this is clearly demonstrated in his latest release



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