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Jeff Engholm releases 12 track album "Little Big Things"

Jeff Engholm is a creative in every sense of the word

a singer, songwriter, actor, producer, recording engineer, conductor, and teacher. Primarily a jazz and rock bass player Jeff has played for over 20 years in the George Maurer Jazz Group, which performs throughout the Midwest, including at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis.

His own band, the Collective Unconscious, is a conglomeration of four studio albums of their own original music and large productions performing classic albums in their entirety, including the Beatles’ Abbey Road, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Band’s The Last Waltz, and CSNY’s Déjà vu. He is a recording engineer and consultant at Rockhouse Studios in St. Joseph, working with and for the late 60’s pop sensation Bobby Vee and his sons, and has produced and engineered a multitude of projects in every genre.

His latest album is the result of years of experience, hard work and experience in the industry. Culminating with twelve tracks, the album is a solid delivery of nostalgic songs. Jeff has been able to use many years of musical influence and trial to take the lead on the album. Joyful upbeat melodies cut along with some more delicate ambient tones, there are elements of Pop, Soul, Folk and Indie Rock on the album. It's refreshing to hear an album that offers variety and without seemingly feeling overplayed with an out of sync contrast. There is no bad contrast here, every song holds it's own and the flow of the album is kept fresh because of it.

Jeff's voice is as strong and distinct as ever and adds significant warmth to the production of the album, overall a solid and contemporary offering that holds bags of well timed nostalgia.

Video/Album TEASER: I Can't Look At You:





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