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Jazz sensation Leiza Michaels releases nostalgic classic album "Nuevos Estándares"

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

The New York native has been releasing classic after classic for years, taking inspiration from the American songbook Leiza has been an avid live performer for decades, with shows far and wide including at home in the US as well as overseas in Europe. Most recently also performing in South Florida.

Her latest full length album project was created in collaboration with record co founder Jay Carney. The pair who are both enthusiasts of the classic golden era of Jazz set their intention on creating a full body of work composing six original songs for release.

Leiza's voice is the first noticeable thing on the album it is undeniably distinct, clear, with a sincere and wonderful tone, at times with a gorgeous light husky edge which only adds to the nostalgic tendencies presented on the album.

Notably the album has been released in both English and Spanish, on first and second listen the Spanish version has such a wonderful vibrancy with the language complimenting to the project.

Each song on the album has been carefully crafted, backed by organic live instrumental beats. This creates a wonderful live sound, so rare to find in the industry today. Gone are the samples and electronically crafted instruments. This is pure, real and totally refreshing. Piano tones, trumpet solo's blissful guitars are only some of the instruments used on the album.

"Movin Too Slow/Muy lento, mi amor" starts as the album opener and its classic Jazz with some great Swing inspirations, Leiza is accompanied by a wonderful harmonica as she scats, riffs and flows effortlessly over the beat, her voice smooth, never strained and placing in perfectly with the record.

"Pure White Snow /Mi perdición" follows up, offering a more sombre tone for the listener, the stakes here a little higher as a light electric guitar starts the song. There is a certain vibe of suspense and charm with this song, as usual these feelings are heightened by Leiza's vocal choice of delivery.

"The Older You Get Al envejecer" may take the crown for vocal performance on the album, the lyrics here are also written incredibly well, never too complicated, but always offering the listener with food for thought, whilst staying close the the genre's intention and style. This is her version "My Way"

Some Kinda Girl/ Chica especial is a firm favourite on the album, the song has some fantastic chillout tones with the warm chord progressions. The uplifting vibe works so well. The chorus full of life and power with Leiza's lead vocals being accompanied by some vocal harmonies and layers. The saxophone outro also being a great highlight.

As we approach the concluding section of the album Leiza and Jay slow down the pace slightly taking a more traditional approach, softer vocals and more intricate instrumental works make for a great listen, the progression of each track always remaining fresh, alive and unexpected. There is never any sense of unwanted repletion on this album, everything feels organically fresh. This is real credit to both the writers, artist and production team.

The final song on the album is Charm Me/ Hechizame an impeccably well placed closing record. The song does a great job of highlighting everything good on the album, including subtly emphasizing social issues that are held in high regard by both composers. The great vocals, fantastic songwriting, heartwarming production and just really good music. Projects like this don't come around so often, Leiza has stuck to her guns, this is what she knows and it's what she is so good at. When so many artist rely heavily on the easier option of full studio assistance, Leiza has chosen to create this project in her world and it sounds amazing.

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