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Jay Louis drops catchy killer single “Focus"

Jay Louis has his sights set on making his mark on the industry in his own way. The artist born in New York, now resides in Orlando Florida. His initial debut release came in 2016 and he has since been on an impressive run, with a variety of singles. His latest offering comes in the form of “Focus.” The song is easily one of Jay’s best so far.

Oozing with charisma and unwavering confidence Jay showcases his talent with the upmost skill. He hops on the beat somehow keeping in perfect flow with the fast escalation of the record, quick fire lyricism leaves little room error as he transports the listener into his world. Overcoming adversity, rising to the occasion and fighting through obstacles is nothing new to this artists. He makes this clear through his lyrics and natural delivery of conviction and believability in his music.

What makes Jay Louis such an appealing artists in today’s world is his relatability. He doesn't hold anything back and says exactly what he thinks. This track does just that. In addition the production is heavy, fierce and intense. A crafted blend of Hip Hop tones and Trap orientated influences.

The song is a rollercoaster in every sense of the world. After hearing the song, listeners can be expected to feel even ounce of motivation in the world, the combination of the Jay Lois verses and killer production are a match made in heaven. It’s clear Jay is on to something here, with another hugely successful song to add to his catalogue, nether us or his growing fans can wait to here what the artist has in store next. If “Focus” is anything to go by were sure it will be worth the wait.




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