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Jay Balbuena releases hard hitting album“Chivalry Is Dead, You Killed It.”

Jay Balbuena has quite the story an artist originally from Salamanca Mexico, he found his way to the United States moving through notoriously bad areas in Los Angeles. He found music as a way to express his inner thoughts and as a away to express to the world life through lyrics.

Now based in Nebraska, the artist has his sights set on his musical goals.

His latest offering comes in the form of “Chivalry Is Dead, You Killed It.” An eleven track album of strong emotional tone and personal reflection, featuring the singer Se Les on the choruses.

Album opener “Letter To My Son” is a hard hitting first song, that sets the overall tone of the album well. Well done production, accompanies the vibe of the song well, everything fits into place nicely.

Highlights such as “Winter Sun” also provide some really nice tones and a solid catchy chorus, “Blank Pages” also showcases some of the artists best lyrical work, he floats easily over the beat with a stunning delivery of heartfelt lyrics.

“Tell Me Lies” takes a more trap based offering that takes a different direction compared to the others tracks on the album.

“Gave You My All” is an amazing acoustic number, with just a guitar strumming and some wonderful vocals from both the rapper and the singer, it is solidified as one of the highlights on the album. The project is a solid body of work from start to finish.



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